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“The Bladder Control System gave my life back to me”Amanda Boxtel
“My bladder does not dominate my life anymore”.
Jo Wright
“I can’t remember when I last had a UTI” Lesley
"The number of infections that I have had since implanting this device can be counted on the fingers of one hand" Martin


IMPULSE (E!2526) - Key Facts


Overall objectives:
  • The project aimed to address research and development issues surrounding the novel, 2-channel, implantable stimulator developed within IMPULSE (M181) to enhance locomotion in patients with a dropped foot.  More specifically the project aimed to address the following areas:
    • Development and implementation of a miniature inertial sensor-based system to automatically control the stimulation levels.
    • Investigate how to maximise the effectiveness of stimulation.
    • Demonstrate the benefits of the new implantable device by means of a centrally co-ordinated multi-centre clinical evaluation.
    • Investigate the user needs and patient selection issues to gain a better understanding of the benefits of the device in a broader context.
Our objectives:
  • Better understand users' needs.
  • Gain additional clinical effectiveness data to reinforce the results from the trials within IMPULSE (M181).
Our achievements:
  • Better understanding of drop foot patients' requirements.
  • Gained additional clinical effectiveness data to reinforce the results from the trials within IMPULSE (M181).
Project information:
  • MedLINK (M181) project.
  • 7 partners, including 4 SMEs, from The Netherlands and UK.
  • €1.66 million project fund.
  • Duration: 42 months.


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IMPULSE (E!2526) - Key Facts
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