Treatment focus

Finetech Medical is an active implantable medical device company delivering specialist products that reduce infections and improve the quality of life for many people around the world. Having a background in spinal injury bladder control treatment, Finetech Medical also produces new implanted devices to meet clinical needs.

Finetech Medical is part of  Bioinduction, a UK based group manufacturing unique implantable neuromodulation devices. Originally founded in 1982, it remains the only UK based company in the field of  designing and manufacturing  long-term implantable nerve and muscle stimulators to restore function after neurological injury,e.g. spinal cord injury, stroke, multiple sclerosis.


In 1972, Professor Giles Brindley proposed a new approach to artificially control the human bladder using electrical stimulation. The need to find a commercial manufacturer for the implanted bladder stimulator was entrusted to Finetech Ltd based in Welwyn Garden City, UK. In 1982, after Finetech’s careful engineering for production, the company delivered the first commercial Finetech-Brindley bladder stimulator. In 1993 a new company, Finetech Medical Ltd, was established to focus solely on manufacturing implantable devices within dedicated clean room and production facilities.

From 2000, the company increased design and development activity, creating new and novel implanted devices for specialist applications and trials. One of these devices, the STIMuSTEP, was commercialised and awarded the CE mark in 2004.

Today, Finetech Medical remains the only UK based company designing and manufacturing long-term implantable nerve and muscle stimulators that restore function after neurological injury. To date, there are nearly 4,000 people who are already benefiting from our devices worldwide.

Why deal with us

Medical professionalsFinetech Medical has over 30 years experience producing long-term active implants. Our long history, qualified products and good reputation ensure our products are well accepted and popular worldwide. The challenges encountered with varied national regulatory systems are guided by our practical knowledge of product design and manufacturing process controls. These controls feature robust verification, validation and risk management activities that are defined by the quality management system for medical devices ISO13485:2016. The implanted devices conform to the EU active implantable medical device directive AIMD90/385/EEC and accessories are made to conform to the medical device directive MDD93/42/EEC.

This is where it happens

MicroscopeOur implanted devices are entirely manufactured within the purpose built clean room at our premises in Welwyn Garden City; the materials being sourced from recognised EU and US companies.

We are accredited to the requirements of ISO13485:2016, a comprehensive management system for the design and manufacture of medical devices. Further market specific regulatory requirements meet 21 CFR 820 Quality System Regulation for Medical Devices sold into the United States.


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Finetech Medical takes great pride in the after sales support it provides.

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