Amanda Boxtel skiingPrior to surgically implanting the internal receptor and electrodes on my S3 nerve root, I was terribly incontinent. My bladder wouldn’t hold my urine and time after time I found myself sitting in wet pants. Not only was it embarrassing, psychologically I felt defeated. It became necessary for me to void my bladder up to three times during the evenings so I became sleep deprived. My entire life had been affected and revolved around my bladder. Constant self-catheterization triggered incessant urinary tract infections and unending rounds of antibiotics. It was a vicious cycle.

Amanda skiing 2Literally within the first few days of receiving the Bladder Control System, my sleep was deep and uninterrupted, and I could void directly into the toilet hearing myself tinkle on my own for the first time in eight years. Not once have I been incontinent since receiving the Vocare Bladder System (branded as Brindley Bladder Control System in the UK) more than eight years ago. As a bonus, the Bladder System also aids with my intestinal flow by bringing the stool down into my bowel. As a consequence, my digestion has improved and I feel more regular in my daily bowel evacuation.

While the Bladder System has been available for many years, it is still a phenomenally revolutionary technology. Every spinal cord injured individual should have the opportunity to determine his or her candidacy for the Bladder System to bring quality back to their life, restore function to their bladder, and reap the tremendous psychological benefits of regaining control over a simply bodily function that many take for granted.

Watch an inspirational video of Amanda making sure that her disability doesn’t get in her way.